Improve your business with SharePoint for Office 365, which we have successfully installed in 9 companies!

What is SharePoint?

A platform that enables your employees to create websites for internal use or cooperation with the clients and partners.

What are its advantages?

  • Easier sharing of information
  • Making automated lists
  • Creating joint address books and calendars
  • Better organisation of the information, people and projects

Users can share a large amount of content in one place.

  • Employees can create libraries for data exchange, through which they can share files and information with their colleagues, partners and clients.
  • In addition to Office files, it is possible to share photos, videos and scanned documents.

Making automated lists will make your job easier and your employees better informed.

  • A list of important deadlines will automatically notify you on those that are about to expire.
  • The entire company can see notifications on important events on public lists.
  • Moving items from one list to another is very simple.
  • Automatic e-mail notifications are sent for each change on the list.

Vacation schedule can be made in a separate calendar.

  • Free days and sick leaves can be tracked in the same fashion.
  • Other employees are notified on changes in the calendar via e-mail.

A database of all contacts can be created in a separate SharePoint address book.

  • The address book can contain employee information or client legal information.

Employees can create social websites as well.

  • Their aim is to enable users to create forums, where they can follow issues of interest to them.

Access to particular parts of the websites could be limited for certain users.

Our company installs SharePoint software within the Office 365 suite, which enables integration and maximum efficiency of these two web platforms. In that case, a separate server is not needed and the data from both programmes are stored together in the cloud.