Install Office 365 and access your office any time, anywhere!

What is Office 365?

Online office that enables access to services and software that are part of the Microsoft Office platform (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Exchange, Lync, Sky Drive, web applications, etc.).

What are its advantages?

  • Access to files from anywhere via the internet
  • Holding online meetings and sharing documents with clients and partners
  • Integrating business e-mail address and calendar with the Outlook
  • Microsoft technical support

How can files be accessed?

  • It is possible to install Office on all mobile devices (PC, MAC, tablet, phone) and have constant access to your online office.
  • Office 365 allows synching of files for offline review and work.

Office 365 can also make your communication with clients and partners much easier!

  • Your clients can join online meetings scheduled within the Office 365 suite through their browser.
  • Office 365 enables you to talk to them via multi-party HD video and instant messages.
  • You can share large files with your clients and partners through the SkyDrive Pro.
  • They will also have access to the files directly from the browser through Office Web applications, which enables you to change files and add comments together.

Your business e-mail address and calendar are perfectly integrated with Outlook.

  • Top malware protection is provided.
  • 25 GB mailbox provides enough space for all business correspondence.

You don’t have to worry about technical issues.

  • Microsoft maintains the servers for you and offers full technical support.

Within the Office 365 suite, our company can also install SharePoint software, which enables employees to create websites for internal use or for cooperation with the clients and partners. The data from both programmes is stored together in the cloud, without any additional servers needed.

  • This enables integration and maximum efficiency of these two web platforms, which leads to much easier organisation of information, people and projects.

List of companies where we installed SharePoint:

  • Brandscout Inc.
  • Direct Media
  • Euroračunovodstvo
  • Molto Buono
  • Multikom Group d.o.o.
  • Schwarzmueller Srbija
  • Stoa d.o.o.
  • Zoran Consulting & Trading Co