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Frequently asked questions

Why is it important to have a server within the company?

• Because it influences the strengthening of business protection, increase in productivity and overall efficiency of the company.
• Allows mapping of business processes on the server and automated monitoring of developments
• Leads to a permanent solution to the problem of business email communication
• Centralises storage of company data
• Makes data and services available 24/7, from any location or device with internet access
• Provides quick and easy access to public or private contact lists and calendars of the company
• Enables automatic synchronisation of changes and storage of contacts with mobile
• devices (smart phones).

What is the right moment in the development of a company to introduce a server?

It would be best to introduce it immediately, i.e. in parallel with the start of business operations, if financial and investment conditions allow it. Introduction of servers always leads to an increase in productivity and efficiency of the employees. If that’s not the case, then as soon as there is a need for:

• Data protection
• Exchange of information and resources between the employees
• Access to data from remote locations
• Introduction of an ERP solution.

Do you design and implement networks for small companies and how beneficial would that be to our business operations?

If there is more than one computer in a company, there is a need for a network that we design and integrate professionally. Computer networking will certainly speed up the business operations and exchange of data, increase productivity of each employee, but also provide maximum protection for your data.

In case of computer failure, how fast can you diagnose the problem?

Immediately or within the agreed deadline at the latest, or up to 24h from reporting the failure.

Which internet provider would you recommend?

Telekom, SBB or Orion Telekom. Or an optical link, of course, provided an investment of 150 EUR a month for an internet connection is possible. ADSL and cable internet are more suitable for home use.

Why is it in our interest to procure software or hardware through your company?

Because you will buy at an optimal price exactly what you need, from regular distribution channels, so you won’t have problems if there are any complaints on product functionality.
We will deliver to your address and integrate in your system all that is necessary and that has been agreed. In case of product returns, we will take them over and, if necessary, replace them with a new device (which is a matter of agreement).

To what extent is the data on company server protected from loss or outside hacking?

It is completely protected! That means that no unauthorised access is possible, because all data is stored on various hard disks. The servers are equipped with the so-called RAID, which enables multiple hard disks functioning as one. In case of failure of one of the disks, the other keeps on working as if nothing happened. Also, there is a “Previous Versions” option on the server, where multiple versions of the same document are stored, so practically, even if a mistake is made, the previous version can be recovered.

Finally, there is an external hard disk where a reserve copy of the entire system is transferred once a day. In case the entire server is down, this disk can recover the server to its previous state on any other hardware. Each server is checked daily for proper functioning, so that we can identify possible problems and fix them. If a problem is identified on time, document loss is virtually impossible.

Microsoft is constantly working on protecting its servers and computers and there are new security updates (“patches”) coming out almost daily. When a server is controlled, someone trying to hack it would have to know the domain name and the administrator password. The local network, and thus the servers and computers in it, are first protected by a router. By preventing outside access to the server, the chances for hacking are minimal. Even though the servers under our control are very well protected and virtually unavailable to third party, we also monitor log-ins (who and when tried to log onto the server) and we react in case someone tries to log in with a wrong password. If we wanted to give a one-sentence conclusion, it would be that security of data depends on how much a company is willing to invest into computer infrastructure.

If the software and hardware we buy from you are already reliable, why do you suggest that the company should pay a monthly flat fee? It seems it would be more cost-effective to pay for individual interventions.

Only a small number of interventions are caused by unreliability of software or hardware. Most of them are caused by the necessity of constant checks and new application installations.
A company with a flat fee contract has the ability to call us even on weekends, holidays or during the night. Also, companies often move or have a need to hire a maintenance person outside the working hours. Such activities are not charged additionally to companies with a flat fee contract, with whose equipment and IT services we are familiar, except in special cases.

On the other hand, if a company has a server, there is a need for monthly engagement, as its maintenance is a highly demanding job that requires constant checks. In case there are no regular checks, the installation of new applications is charged separately. Also, most of the works on the server begin after the reserved copy has been made on the external disk, which usually happens late at night. A company who doesn’t have a flat fee contract has to pay extra the night hourly fee of the engineer, which is ultimately much more expensive.

Why is it necessary to use only legal software?

Primarily because in that case you are not making any tax (legal) violations, and if there is a problem with the use, you can always contact the manufacturer. In addition, you have a right to software changes and updates, so you won’t be forced to use illegally other people’s intellectual property. You will have your own installation key, so you won’t have any trouble with installation and re-installation.

Can we legalise our software through you?

Of course. With our help, you can legalise all your computers and software (Microsoft, Adobe and anti-virus solutions).

Does a network computer work more slowly?

No, on the contrary. Networking allows centralised management of computers on the network and prevent unauthorised software implementation and malicious codes, which affects the smooth operation.